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851 Industrial Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 3L7
T: 403-527-5747

F: 403-528-1425


Karla Rust


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At RCBC, we believe that even in the complexity of building or renovating a house or running a business, simplicity can be created. Not because these undertakings are not complex, (they are!) but because with the proper support systems backing your efforts, your path to completion becomes more clear – simpler.

It is with this goal in mind that RCBC was conceived.



  • We believe business should be fun. We believe it should be exciting. We believe it should be something you want to get up and do every morning.

  • We believe your renovation or build should be full of promise. We believe it should be invigorating and worth the effort throughout the process and not just when it’s over.


The business systems we have set up are those that we wish we had when we were running other businesses – those that would have made our lives at the time so much simpler.

And having been involved in countless renovations and builds, we are aware of the obstacles and complications that homeowners encounter. These complications, large or small, can pull the excitement out of a project.

RCBC on-site support systems are designed and thought out to help you simplify your business and your renovation or building project.

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